Join the Match4Aary Movement!

Aary’s chances of beating this rare disorder are best if he can undergo a bone marrow transplant within the next few months.  A bone marrow match is not related to blood type.

Without any siblings and because it has now been determined that neither of Aary’s parents is a match, it is crucial that we help grow the registry of potential donors. Today’s medical technology allows testing of potential donors as well as actual transplants with little disruption to the life of the donor(s).

Testing to see if you are a match is as simple as a swab of the inside of the cheek.  It will take approximately 12 weeks from your cheek swab to be added to the registry.  When you donate to OneMatch (Canada) or Be the Match (US), you are not matched specifically to Aary, you can be matched to any patient and bring hope to families anywhere in Canada or around the world.

It is most likely that a match will come from the same ethnic and ancestral background.  This means that there is a great need for donors of Vietnamese/Asian and Afghan/Central Asian ethnicities.

Unfortunately, because these groups are dramatically underrepresented in the National Bone Marrow Registries, the challenge is the small chance of finding a match in the current pool of donors recorded in the registres in order to help Aary. We need YOUR help grow these registries, in these communities and beyond.

And if we push really hard, fast and use our networks to get our folks educated, mobilized and registered, we could not only help Aary be cured of this disorder but also save the lives of many others in these communities.

Here’s how you can help: 


  1. Register in person at a OneMatch swab clinic (find your local swab clinic here or visit our events page for local listings)
  2. Register online and receive a swab kit
  3. Donate Blood at the Canadian Blood Services
  4. Visit a one of our upcoming registration drives
  5. Volunteer


  1. Donate Blood at the Canadian Blood Services
  2. Become an advocate, Learn about Aplastic Anemia and encourage others (between 17-35) to register.
  3. Support Aary and share within your social networks (See below)
  4. Volunteer

Residents of U.S between 18 - 44

  1. Attend on Be the Match drive 
  2. Register on Be The Match 
  3. Donate Blood

Residents of U.S over 44 

  1. Register on Be The Match (cost of $100USD) 
  2. Donate Blood

International Residents

  1. Visit Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide (BMDW) or WMDA to find your local donor registry 

Spread the word!

Please help us spread the word about finding a MATCH4Aary and for others in need of bone marrow transplants. 

Share this website, our Facebook page, our Twitter page, and our Instagram!!! 

Download, Print & Share These posters and resources:

encourage your family and friends to become donors

Learn more about Aplastic Anemia