Blog Post #2: STAR WARS

January 10, 2016

Last week I went to go watch the new #starwars 7 the force awakens movie at the movie theater with my parents, my aunt and my uncle. We got #IMAX tickets for 20.00$ each and my mom said it was a waste but she and my aunt were the ones who slept half the time as my uncle, my dad and me actually payed attention. After the movie my aunt thought that kylo ren was #darthvader…..LOL so I said “NO! Darth vader is dead”. My dad wants to watch it again for the “full experience” due to a head on his shoulder. My mom says “it aint gonna get fuller than an IMAX experience.” 

My favorite part of the movie was when (SPOILER ALERT: IF YOU HAVENT WATCHED THIS MOVIE YOU PROBABALY SHOULDN’T READ ON TO ANYTHING I SAY) #BB-8 shows up because BB-8 is supremely AWESOME! I also liked all the lightsaber fights such as the one on the starkiller base kylo ren vs rey. Somehow rey beats kylo ren without any jedi training or learning to use the force or anything.

Hope you enjoyed the movie (if you even watched it) and for those who haven’t “go you must.”       –Master Yoda